Book 1 in the DemiChat Series 2010, eBook 2012: DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery
London detectives DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle discover that a scientist has gone missing! He's left behind him a trail of purple powder that makes Flannery sneeze his way across France into Italy. Will Scotland Yard Police Dog Jake and Detective Inspector Robert Cooper help or hinder their investigation? Why are gangs of Italian and Irish crooks double-crossing each other to get their hands on the formula for the purple powder? What is the secret formula and what is it for? How does Italian Police Inspector Alessandra Bambini become involved? Will the kidnap victim be freed? And what part does his sister play?
In this Sherlock Holmes spoof, Demi relies on her feline intuition and wit – and the devoted help of Flannery and Jake – to keep Cooper and Bambini focused on the case, save the kidnapped victim and stop the formula from getting into the wrong hands!
Book 2 in the DemiChat Series 2013: DemiChat and the Lost Mummy
Instead of flying home to London after their escapades in Italy, DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle find themselves whisked to Egypt to search for a lost mummy. Surviving grave robbers is hard enough but when an evil Mau, Sera, and her motley cat-gang lead them into a trap, Demi realises that the past and present are intertwined. Flannery is willing to risk everything to save Demi, even if it means confronting the ghostly guardian of the tomb.
This sequel to DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery with its Sherlock Holmes' style code and Egyptian hieroglyphics will keep readers guessing to the very end.
Book 3 in the DemiChat Series 2015: DemiChat and the City of Gold
The Jaspers are invited on an Academic World Tour to discuss their findings in Egypt and while in Peru meet Carlos who peruades them to visit Machu Picchu and trek into the Amazon Jungle in search of the Incan Lost City of Gold. Under the protection of a native tribe and a wily Jaguar the city evades them until Amazonian Warriors show DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle the hidden passage through a volcano.
This third and final book in the series sees the heroes friendship consolidated for life and helps them realise that adventure is part of who they are.




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  • 'DemiChat' is on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge List for 2012

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