Find out about the Characters in DemiChat and the City of GoldLaunched July 2015.

Book 3 in the DemiChat series


There are the good guys:
DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle who team up with their owners, the famous Egyptian Archaeologists, John and Melissa Jasper, a Llama called Kusi whom they meet at Machu Picchu, and Amazonian Warriors who help DemiChat and her team on condition that they bring them something from the city that a bad panther stole.
(See Description below in the section 'DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery' for DemiChat and Flannery and the Jaspers)
And the bad guys:
A black panther, the protector of the gold in the Lost City.
Carlos, who wants to trade Lord Flannery (for an awful reason) in exchange for gold.
Pygmies, who want Lord Flannery (for an awful reason) and are willing to pay gold for it!
And, learn about the Incans as you read and travel on the journey with DemiChat and Flannery.

Find out about the Characters in DemiChat and the Lost MummyLaunched February 2014.

Book 2 in the DemiChat series

There are the good guys:
DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle who team up with their owners, the famous Egyptian Archaeologists, John and Melissa Jasper.
(See Description below in the section 'DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery' for DemiChat and Flannery and the Jaspers)
And the bad guys:
A sassy Mau cat called Sera and her gang
Mufas and the Merchant - grave robbers
And, they are looking for the lost mummy of the last Pharoah of Egypt. Guess who?


Find out about the Characters in DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery! Launched July 2010; eBook 2012.
Book 1 in the DemiChat series
There are the good guys:
DemiChat – a feminine feline who fancies herself as Sherlock Holmes
Lord Flannery Beagle – a Beagle and an ex-Police Dog Sniffer and now DemiChat’s right hand in her investigations
Jake – a German Shepherd and the ever faithful strong and brave Police Dog
Inspector Robert Cooper – a shy but super cool Scotland Yard Police Inspector
Detective Inspector Alessandra Bambini – a not-so-shy but super cool Italian Police Inspector
John and Melissa Jasper – Demi and Flannery’s owners and Egyptian Archaeologists who are always flying around the world
And the in-between guys:
 James Windsor – scientist and conservationist who has gone missing!
Julia Windsor – James’ sister who is trying to find him!
And the bad guys:
The Italian Capella Gang – Signora Capella, Fabio Grosto, Paulo Fruttoso and Giuseppe
O’Malley – the Irishman and a bad dude



The DemiChat Series

DemiChat Demi to her friends
DemiChat is a silver-tailed, blue-eyed young Himalayan cat. She lives on Kent Street in London but is French, smart, quick on her feet and gorgeous to look at. She loves cuddles and human company, but her owners (the Jaspers) are so busy working overseas most of the time that she gets lonely. To keep herself occupied she watches old Sherlock Holmes movies on TV. That is until Lord Flannery Persephone comes into her life. Then, watch out … they are off on adventure.

Lord Flannery Beagle sometimes Lord Flannery, or just Flannery
On his retirement day from the Scotland Yard Dog Squad, police dog Flannery is sent to live with his ex-handler’s brother, John, and his wife, Melissa (the Jaspers). They just happen to be DemiChat’s owners too! Flannery is much older than Demi and a little pudgy for a beagle but he doesn’t like the idea of having nothing to do all day after having been so active in his work life. His favourite things are sniffing, searching and finding things … perfect for his first adventure with DemiChat who finds his experience invaluable.

Jake (Book 1)
Big, courageous and strong, Jake the German Shepherd is a young and eager police dog.  When he walks down the street people know that he is not to be messed with. But, even though he has a really loud bark, sharp canines and will never let a crook escape him, Jake is kind hearted, generous and a good friend to his old mentor, Flannery, and their new friend DemiChat. When Jake and Detective Robert Cooper are assigned a kidnapping case, he is more than pleased that Flannery and Demi want to be involved.

Inspector Robert Cooper (Book 1)
Cooper’s bushy eyebrows hang over penetrating, beady eyes and his square jaw is determined and confident. He knows his job even though he bungles through a case in a round-about manner. The Police Force and the good things it stands for are his life! Cooper is the ultimate dog lover and will do anything to keep Jake safe. He might be shy with girls and single but he hardly notices that he lives on his own because to him animals, particularly dogs, are as good as human!

Inspector Alessandra Bambini (Book 1)
Italian and loving it, Bambini has the police officers she manages and the criminals she catches doing everything she wants at a snap of her fingers. Sassy and comfortable at being in charge, she is observant, direct and finds time to mix the business of catching crooks with a stroll around Rome. She is overjoyed when Jake and Cooper stumble into her territory to solve a mystery that will lead to the greatest arrest so far in her career.

Julia Windsor (Book 1)
A nervous and quiet girl who never knows who to believe, Julia leads the police on a merry chase until she realises that by helping them she helps herself and her brother.

The Capella Gang (Book 1)
This Italian criminal four-person gang is bad news. There is a fight for leadership between Fabio Grosto and his sister-in-law Signora Capella. The gang’s heavy men Paulo Fruttoso and Giuseppe pretend to take orders from one but are actually following the orders of the other. Confusing? Not for Demi, Flannery nor Jake.

O’Malley (Book 1)
A man with a criminal record in lots of countries, O’Malley likes to think he’s superior to the leaders of the Capella Gang. He wants to outsmart and outwit them by using Fabio and Julia to get what he wants. Rough and rude and angry at everyone, he’s always one step behind the action and gets caught and blamed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After all, all he wants is to make money.

And who is James Windsor? (Book 1)
Without James there would be no story! He is a scientist, an environmentalist and a regular nice guy who gets led astray by keeping bad company.

Sera and her motley cat gang (Book 2)
Sera leads a gang of cats of the Egyptian breed Mau. They believe that DemiChat is the reincarnation of the last Pharaoh of Egypt and possesses the knowledge of the whereabouts of the gravesite that holds secrets they want. They lead ... who into a trap and put her into a trance.

Mufas (Book 2)
Mufas is looking for the Pharaoh's tomb too - but he wants its treasures because he's a graverobber of the worst kind. To find its location he needs someone who can read Egyptian hieroglyphics and a Sherlock Holmes' style code, so he kidnaps ... who?

Kusi (Book 3)
A llama who lives at Machu Pichhu and is a pack animal who carries DemiChat and Lord Flannery into the Amazon at the beginning of their search for the Lost City of Gold.

Carlos (Book 3)
He wears a hat and a gold cross dangles from his ear. A native of Peru he claims to know the way to the Lost City and persuades the Jaspers to follow him into the Amazon. But, he's only pretending to be the Jaspers' friend so that he can close to Flannery and lead him into a trap! Why? It's too awful to say.

The Black Panther (Book 3)
He's sly and quick and drools saliva as he tracks Carlos, the Jaspers and DemiChat and Flannery. Is it so wrong he wants to protect the Lost City of Gold from the outside world, even if it means he has to eat them?

The Amazonian Warriors (Book 3)
Women warriors who rule the jungle with ancient weapons and beliefs, but able to mingle with the tourists in the major cities of Peru, come to the assistance of DemiChat and her team. But, what are they going to get out of it?



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