The Story - DemiChat and the City of Gold Launched July 2015 as an eBook and Print on Demand

The Jaspers' historic find in Egypt has made them international celebrities (little does the world know that it was DemiChat who found the lost Mummy!).

The Japsers take DemiChat and Lord Flannery beagle on an archaeological lecture tour of South America only to get entangled in a desperate and dangerous search for gold in the Amazon Jungle where they meet a gentle Llama, an angry jaguar, Amazonian warriors and pygmies (who want to do something awful to Flannery).


The Story - DemiChat and the Lost Mummy Launched February 2014 as an eBook and Print on Demand

Instead of going home to London after their adventure solving the Kent Street Mystery, the Jaspers whisk DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle off to Egypt (they don't trust them at home alone!).

Why? To help them search for a lost mummy!

Surviving grave robbers in Egypt is hard enough but when an evil Mau cat, Sera, and her motley cat-gang lead them into a trap, Demi realises that the past and present are intertwined. Flannery is willing to risk everything to save Demi, even if it means confronting the ghostly guardian of the tomb.

In this sequel with its Sherlock Holmes'style code and Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Cartouches and Map, readers will be kept guessing to the very end. Will Demi and Flannery find the mummy? And, if they do, what will happen?






The Story - DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery

It’s London and how do DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle get involved in a mystery and a police investigation?

They just happen to look across the road to a construction site that seems all wrong! As anyone who owns a pet knows, cats and dogs are curious animals! Demi and Flannery jump out the laundry window and go across the road for a look-see.

Whilst rummaging around the site they find a black coat, traces of a purple powder and a key for a locker at the St Pancras Railway Station, London.  When the Police arrive and Demi realises Flannery’s friend Jake is the lead dog in the investigation of a kidnapping, she uses her feline wiles to get involved.

The railway station locker is full of clues! Together with Inspector Robert Cooper and Jake, they follow the clues through France to Italy searching for the kidnappers and discovering why gangs of Italian and Irish crooks are after the formula for the purple powder.

Read the story to find out how their exciting adventure unfolds …………….

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  • 'DemiChat' is on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge List for 2012

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