Find out about the Team that put ‘DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery’ together:

Author – Toni Brisland
Illustrator Ebook – Cheryl De  Los Reyes Cruz
Composer - Dean Adams
Illustrator Print Version - Peter “Zane” Haywood
Photographer – Bronwyn Liebke
The Animals – the real ‘DemiChat’, Jade, Flannery, Shiloh and Rosie
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And DemiChat wants to thank:
the Web Designer – Iain Noy of Eyedea –
the Composer – Dean Adams of Dean Adams Music with a little help from Paul Den -
the Ebook Team - Dragonpencil of Atlanta, Georgia, USA -
the Print Book Designer – Luke Harris of Chameleon Print Design –


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  • 'DemiChat' is on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge List for 2012

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