The Author - Toni Brisland


Toni Brisland writes books for children of all ages. ‘DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery' was her first book to be published. The sequel 'DemiChat and the Lost Mummy' was released in 2013 and the third and last book in the series was released in July 2015, DemiChat and the City of Gold. Since 2015 she has been writing a novel for adults. Several of her poems for adults have been published.
Little Steps Publishing has published two of Toni's Picture Books: What Now Baby Bears? and The Tree House. Read about them at
Toni loves writing, animals, reading, walking along deserted beaches and being with her extended Italian family. She lives in Sydney with her husband and Siberian cats, Snowgum Tsar and Snowgum Nikolai Trotskii. Her daughter Deen lives in Los Angeles and works in television.
The DemiChat Series was written for Toni's two Himalayan cats, Jade and Lord Flannery Persephone, pictured here in 2010.


Toni's website is at: That's where you'll find her BLOG!
The eBooks Illustrator - Cheryl De Los Reyes Cruz

  Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz is an illustrator and animator originally from the San Francisco Bay Area currently residing in the gorgeous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since graduating from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, she has created illustrations, storyboards, animations and concept art for books, television, film and games, with clients including Free Range Studios, Noodle Works, Spunky Productions, Studio Media, EVB and ABS-CBN. When not working on professional assignments she writes and illustrates her own stories and is attempting to push her Spanish speaking skills beyond the rudimentary level.  Cheryl's website is at:

Cheryl sells her sketches, watercolors and oils through her Etsy shop -  


The Composer - Dean Adams

   A classically trained saxophone player from the Conservatorium of Music Sydney, Dean has travelled the world and taken his saxophone with him. On a trip to New York Dean played alongside Les Paul at a sold out show in a jazz club at Times Square, the man dubbed the godfather of modern music. On this trip to NY he also jammed with Beach Boys member Richie Canatta and played with fantastic double bass player Nicki Parrott. Dean is a multi-instrumentalist: he also plays the piano, guitar and clarinet. He has been trained by some of the finest teachers in Australia and continues to play shows with his band Five Coffees. A budding young teacher and performer, Dean is kept busy with gigs and students. He is the key songwriter for several Sydney artists and has recently completed an orchestral score for a new independent Australian Film. Through his association with Toni Brisland, Dean now composes music for Apps for Dragonpencil, Atlanta, Georgia.

Dean's website is:

Dean can be contacted at:
The Print Version Illustrator of DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery - Peter "Zane" Haywood
The Illustrator of the 2010 Print Version of  ‘DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery’, Peter “Zane” Haywood, is an amazing cartoonist who hand draws all of his material.  Peter’s illustrations of DemiChat and Flannery appear on the Main Menu page of this website.
This is what Peter has to say: “Although ‘DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery’ was the first children’s book that I illustrated, I did have a fairly extensive background in cartooning stretching back to the early 1980’s. 'Spacecapades' ran in D-Mag, a children’s magazine for several years. And for the past eleven seasons I’ve been writing and illustrating an Aussie rules football column for 'The Melbourne Times'.
The brief for DemiChat was pretty interesting. Come up with a black and white film noir-ish look involving gangsters and dogs and cats. I had a lot of fun with it.”
You can see samples of Peter’s published work dating back to 1983 and including such things as: 'The Wombats', 'The Zoo', 'Warts’n’All', 'Ozzie-Nauts' and other Spacecapades samples at  Once inside the site, type in “Peter Haywood – Cartoonist” into the search engine. You can also visit
The Photographer for Photos appearing in the Print Version of DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery
- Bronwyn Liebke
Bronwyn Liebke is a photographer and an animal lover who resides in Sydney with her husband, Dan, their two dogs, Frank (a border collie) and Beans (a scruffle monkey – we don’t know what he is, he’s an RSPCA special!) and their very cranky cat, Allegro (an all-white moggie). Five years ago Bronwyn found her calling when she combined her two greatest passions, animals and photography, and her business “Pet Clix Animal Photography” was born!
Bron says, “Photographing animals is always joyous, always exciting, always unpredictable and almost always messy! Some of the more unusual animals I have been asked to shoot include donkeys, chooks and even bulls! I do spend a lot of time on the ground – it is not glamorous but it certainly is fun.
The greatest challenge with Toni’s cats, Jade and Flannery, was getting them both looking at the camera at the same time. I’m sure they were deliberately not doing what I wanted! Shiloh and Rosie, the beagles, could hardly contain their excitement (or keep their noses off the ground!) at our photo shoot – there were so many new smells to be followed. Chasing them around was hilarious!
Bronwyn’s website is 
Bron loves to photograph people with their pets too, so if you’re in Sydney, she’d love to ‘shoot’ you!


Photos of Demi’s Friends

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The Real DemiChat
The Real DemiChat was abandoned by her mother in Belmore Park, City of Sydney. Her eyes were hardly opened and she could only drink milk through an eye-dropper. This under-sized calico moggy was rescued by the aspiring ballerinas of the Halliday Ballet School in 1984.  Toni Brisland’s daughter, Deen, seven at the time and already an animal lover, volunteered to take the kitten home. DemiChat became an integral part of the family for 16 years until she succumbed to kidney disease and lymp gland cancer. DemiChat was timid, playful, would wait at the gate for Deen to come home from school and loved to drink water from the goldfish bowl where Ernie and Bert would swim unperturbed. Her favourite food was sardines and her best friend was Pepper, an older calico cat that was also abandoned and found a home with Toni, Toni’s husband Richard and Deen.

Here are some photos of Demi’s friends, Jade (right), Flannery (left), and below Shiloh (right) and Rosie (left). THeir photos are featured on the inside back cover of ‘DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery’.  These Photos were taken by Bronwyn Liebke of Pet Clix Animal Photography.

Jade was the inspiration for the series and sadly passed on, 29 July 2013. Flannery gave his name to the Dr Watson character in the book and sadly passed on, 7 February 2014.



Flannery (left) and Jade (right)
  Rosie (left) and Shiloh (right, sadly passed on, 5 November 2013.)



Book Launch 25th July 2010 - Berkelouw Books, Leichhardt

Upstairs at Berkelouw a great team made an impact when a new crime-busting duo was revealed! Author Toni Brisland introduced French feline investigator DemiChat and retired police beagle Lord Flannery with the launch of her debut novel DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery.

Jeni Mawter, best selling children's author of the hilarious So! series and the Freewheelers series, launched the book after a classy introduction by emmcee Gail Foster. Guests included other children's and YA authors Susanne Gervay, Wendy Blaxland, Wendy Fitzgerald, Aleesah Darlison and Oliver Phommavanh. Everyone also got to meet the book's illustrator Peter "Zane" Haywood who had flown up from Melbourne for the event.

During formal proceedings Peter drew two superb illustrations of the book's main characters, DemiChat and Lord Flannery, which then became prizes in a Lucky Door draw. The first was won by Emmanuel and the second by Ann Hall, Teacher Librarian at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, Woy Woy South. How fortunate was that! The novel's school launch is actually at St John's on 13th August 2010!



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  • 'DemiChat' is on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge List for 2012

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