Once upon a time Toni Brisland was a Teacher with a million things to do and always searching for interesting ways to teach children how to read within the structure of the curriculum.
Toni has suggested some Lesson Plans based upon the proposed draft Australian National Curriculum for Years 4 and 5. She will continue to develop and/or change these plans. If you would like to give her feedback on what does or does not work – email tonibrisland@gmail.com
Several teachers and teacher-librarians read the galley of the novel prior to the print run and have suggested that it could be enjoyed by good readers at age 9 and slower readers at age 12 and any age in between. They also said it was fun to read out aloud to younger children because of the number of different accents and voices that can be used. Notwithstanding that, the first DemiChat book is on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge List for Years 5 and 6, and Selected Readers Years 7 to 9.

Toni has also written a Study Guide to accompany the book. It is available now for $20 or complimentary with orders of 15 books or over by email. Ask: tonibrisland@gmail.com





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  • 'DemiChat' is on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge List for 2012

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